20-5 The Dead Sea and “The Widow’s Bag”

Many of you might have heard about the Dead Sea. I lived some thirty minutes west of the Dead Sea, in Jerusalem. The Dead Sea is the Earth’s lowest elevation on land, being 423 meters below Sea level. This is the reason why when we (the Jerusalemites) go to the Dead Sea, we say, “I’m descending to the Dead Sea”.

The Dead Sea, also, is not a Sea at all. It is in fact a lake which is mainly fed by the Jordan River. Since it is the lowest point on land and so much under sea level, it has no outlet. It doesn’t give its waters out. This, among other reasons, caused the waters of the Dead Sea to be very salty, that is doesn’t support any life! With almost 34% salinity, it is one of the world’s saltiest lakes. The heat in the Dead Sea is very strong and the temperatures are high all round the year, which causes a great evaporation of the waters. The evaporation level is so high, that the Dead Sea looses 30 centimeters of its depth every year. In this rate, if water will not be pumped into the Dead Sea it will Die and disappear in few decades. So, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on land, the saltiest and it takes in water and doesn’t give out any. The Dead Sea is dying.

A Freemason must think about the Dead Sea, which is thirty minutes from King Solomon’s City. The Base of Freemasonry is modeled after the Dead Sea Warning; life is not just about getting. It’s about giving. a Freemason may be fortunate, wealthy, in money or in knowledge, respected or loved. But if a Freemason desires only to take, or comes into Freemasonry with delusions of receiving wealth and power and respect, without the will to give or to compromise, this Freemason will end up like the Dead Sea. Wealth, love and respect will evaporate just like the waters of the Dead Sea.

A Freemason who only takes in and does not give out, will lead to his self-destruction, and the destruction of the Temple over its Pillars. Freemasonry is like an Ocean, but it is not made of drops combined. Rather, each Freemason is a Sea by itself. A Freemason lives like a Sea and if this Sea doesn’t have any outlets, it will end up salty and low and dead, like the Dead Sea.

If you reach to your lowest point in life, below any point you could have imagined, if you have an outlet and keep this outlet functioning, be sure that you will flood your neighbor, and he will flood you with his wealth and happiness. A Freemason’s most common outlet is at the closing of the work in the Temple, when “the Widow’s Bag” is circulated and it takes in the donation. The Worshipful Master acts here as “the Widow’s Bag” outlet, as he gives away its content to the Freemason in need. So don’t look at “the Widow’s Bag” as a routine thing, but give generously, because one day, you might flood the dry lands of your neighbor!

Sincerely & Fraternally, V.W. Brother H. K.