26-6 The chain of union (the union chain)

Before addressing the topic of the architectural plan itsefl we will remember that “the marking board ” attribute of the degree of master, which is the paper on which the square is „traced” that contains the diagrams by which the Masonic alphabet can be deciphered. We will try to discern the steps that led to the birth of the gesture The bonding chain terminated by the thousands of years of conversion from  the  operational  to the symbolic. Thus we will have a look to the „laced tassel ” whose definition generally accepted by all researchers and esoteric publicists naturally precedes any further analysis of the 7 or 9 knots that adorn it:

“These nodes forming a continuous chain which form the laced tassel of our temples are the image of the brotherly unity which connects through an unbroken chain all the Masons on the globe, irrespectively of their Obedience or  their condition in the profane life. The tight chain also means that we remain bound by secrecy that has to be maintained on our ceremonies. The fact that is not interrupted throughout its way from around-round the Lodge shows that the Freemasonry or the Kingdom of Virtue includes in the symbols of any of its lodges the entire Universe “

The shape of the symbol, the image of a lying 8 is a representation of infinity in mathematics: “this horizontal symbol can be likened to the animated sphere of the active emanations of the thought.”  So we have serious reason to believe that if the operative masons used the “string” for measuring and drawing on the ground, the first speculative Masons have sprinkled it reflexively, from place to place with “love knots”, the name of
which is not fully elucidated as syntax as compared to the ‘form’ whose symbol I have detailed before.

“The Laced Fringe” sends us directly to “The Laced Frame ” in zigzag, formed by equilateral triangles alternating black  and white and drawn on the floor of the temple. “If … the triangles in the exterior rows should be white to show how all unknown that surrounds us is able to enlighten us …  the black triangles express the effort of the initiated to comprise the unknown … the orientation towards outside of the white triangles, pointing  outwards  suggests offensive of the human intellect against (to penetrate) the mystery.”

The fringe has nodes, the frame has triangles and the Chain … yes, The Chain is made of us. Of all of us! As in many other topics to which there are attempts to find a correlation between the mintal , physical and spiritual plan, and in this case the human nature is present and completes and gives life to the motionless matter. The initiated is taught to be caught in the chain as  a  new chain link by holding his hands crossed with other adepts who form the circle: „… This chain symbolizes the universality of Masonry, and reminds its members that whatever the country, they form a unique family of brethren, widespread all over the earth. The chain of union really gets closer all hearts and awakens in us the feeling of  solidarity  that also unites the consciousness of the ties between us … is has the role of preparing the climate conducive to the mason’s return to the profane world after closing work and has to be more than a mere formality “

Marius Lepage says “the rites are the fluid that makes connection between the Masonic workshops … and bring together the visible and the invisible.” The spirit born in this way can leave the workshop only if the Masons do not believe anymore in what they in what they do and do not give value and belief to the ritual acts so chaining the hands becomes nothing more than a futile gesture. Of all the rituals, “The Chain of union” is perhaps the most important from the perspective of the occult and symbolic, its secret being that, as Guaita Stanislav says, “it creates a fixed point on which to lean, it concentrates the mental energy and from this point chosen as the center it makes the astral light to shine upon the world enhanced strengthened by a will clearly defined and formulated … for the Mason sit becomes a shield and means to capture beneficial influences”.  

We  create  chains  of  light  that breaks so many and so many other chains of hatred, unseen, made by ignorant or malevolent enemies, chains against Masonry. Just as “the second supervisor’s mission is to awaken in the apprentice the skills of interpreting the symbols” from the painting of the apprentice, the unifying role of the chain comes to the Venerable of the Lodge by whose emanation and synthesis is determined a double stream with the brethren and thus is obtained the maximum effect. The level of the energy field that is created by the  crossing arms of the Masons is more powerful as each link is active, becoming from a mere token a generator of real effectiveness, the venerable, the man endowed with organizational skills doubled by an energetic willingness and domineering knowing to lead it towards  a well determined purpose.

When each of the participants ‘is being designed’ is likened to magical practices and is represented by the repeated attempt to break simultaneously the chain of union . The formality should be eliminated. Each mason has to acknowledge his role as an agent with positive influence to turn Freemasonry as a whole and the world itself in all its splendor. “In silence and in active meditation the thoughts can become ideas and through chain of union they can be projected on the profane world … therefore it is desirable and even necessary that every Lodge to  complete  the work by a chain of union dedicated to a single idea from the heritage of ideals of Freemasonry “to theGlory of the Great Architect of the Universe.

Bro. Mircea C. S.

Grand National Lodge of Romania